Racing Tuning

Street Car

For over 6 years Kegani have been restoring and re-commissioning some of the Japan most significant road and competition car for clients. From a simple suspension rebuild to a complete body, engine and mechanical restoration we have the experience and knowledge to bring a car back to its former glory - just as it would have left the factory when new. Here are some examples of our work.

Our experienced service center has worked on all manner of road car - the workload encompasses anything from routine servicing to complex diagnostic work on the very latest models. Call us today at 03-80 757411 for service enquiry for a no obligation estimate and timescale for any work you may be planning in the future.

Through each festive season, we provide road safety checking on the vehicles to assure a safe journey for "balik kampung" or your holiday drive.

Be it our 1st time customer or regulars, we provide thorough check-up of your car fitness conditions and advice on the necessary maintenance.


We utilized specialized and high precision equipment for engine building and upgrades, such as

  • Torque plate - cylinder block bore and hone, to replicate the identical amount of metal stress when undergo boring and honing process.
  • Degree wheel - cam setting
  • Bore gauge & Inside Micrometer - for bore & pistons size measurement
  • Plastigage - for oil clearance measurement
  • Benchflow - to measure ported cylinder head improvements