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KEGANI wishes all our muslims customers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

14th July 2015

Wishing all our customers and friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Hope you have a pleasant ‘balik kampung’ journey and have an awesome holiday meeting up with family members and friends.

In preparation for the festive celebration, perform preventive check-ups on your vehicle would assure trouble free weekends for your family.

We will be closed on 17th and 20th July 2015, and business resume on Tuesday, 21st July 2015.


KEGANI extends product range with YOKOHAMA Motorsports Tyres

1st July 2015

We are proud to announce that KEGANI AUTOTECH is the Authorised Dealer for YOKOHAMA Motorsports tyres. The Yokohama Motorsports Tyres range includes the latest Advan A050 semi slicks and street performer, UHP AD08R. We also do provide OE sizes for LOTUS and other car makers. Contact us today for pricing and stock availability…

BOSCH Motorsports, Japan visit 2014

2nd July 2014
BOSCH Motorsports, Japan visit 2014

The tour to Bosch Motorsports in Yokohama, Japan. A close up to real racing products, various types of sensors, ECU, Data-logger, ABS M4-kit, and the latest DDU8 dash display unit that used in SuperGT and DTM race cars.

BOSCH Motorsports, Japan visit 2014

Source for genuine BOSCH fuel pumps and lambda sensors are no longer a problem now. Should you require any BOSCH Motorsports products, contact us today…

R’s, Japan Visit 2014

1st July 2014
R’s, Japan Visit 2014

In preparation of our Suzuki Swift race cars, Kenny has paid a visit to R’s Factory in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, and managed to meet up with R’s president, Matsuno-san. It was a good meeting at R’s and several issues being discussed, especially on the tuning of the M16A engine. Kenny also had a ride on the R’s ZC32S Super Charged Swift demo car.

R’s, Japan Visit 2014

TM WORKS, Japan Visit 2014

30th June 2014
TM WORKS,  Japan Visit 2014

In recent trip to Japan, Kenny has paid a visit to TM WORKS factory and had the chance to meet up with TM Works President, Todoroki-san. The factory visit gives a close up opportunity to witness the R&D and also better understanding of the products, especially the demo unit that clearly showcase the difference between TM Works products Vs stock. Thus, giving us a better experience and knowledge in promoting the product to our customers.

TM WORKS,  Japan Visit 2014

(Above : Here’s one of the demo unit using Hyper Direct Coil & oscilloscope to demonstrate Ignite MSI, multi spark ignition)

For any enquiry for ignition system upgrades and improvement on your vehicle, please contact us today…

KEGANI appointed as distributor of R’s Racing Parts(RRP) Japan

1st June 2014
KEGANI appointed as distributor of R’s Racing Parts(RRP) Japan
KEGANI appointed as distributor of R’s Racing Parts(RRP) Japan

We are proud to announce that KEGANI is appointed as the Distributor of R’s Racing Parts(RRP) for Malaysia. In line with our latest racing project and development of 2 units of Suzuki Swift race car, we have chosen RRP for its comprehensive range of products for the model.

RRP range of products is driven for high performance street tuning and track days, ranges of light tuning to extreme performance on handling, engine and drivetrain, R’s have the full range of parts that cater each individual’s taste of modifications.

For any enquiries on R’s product, please contact us today…


KEGANI appointed as distributor of R’s Racing Parts(RRP) Japan

We have kick-started with our development of the 2 units of the Project Swift ZC31S - KEGANI Customer Racing. The first car has been completed and went through a few shakedown.

The 2nd unit of Suzuki Swift has completed the first stage of chassis strengthening and safety cages. The car will undergo a new coat of paint in Kegani’s norm livery, red/white.

KEGANI appointed as distributor of R’s Racing Parts(RRP) Japan

These race cars are targeting to compete in the Malaysian Super Series and Sepang 1000km race 2014. Race seat will be available for rental. Any drivers interested to join our team can contact us via email. Driver training can be provided.

Stay tuned to check out the updates of the progress of Project KEGANI Customer RACING Swift.

HANKOOK KinergyEX offers 100% Warranty Claims

1st June 2014
HANKOOK KinergyEX offers 100% Warranty Claims

Hankook KINERGY EX now offers 100% warranty, with 3 months One-to-One exchange(terms and conditions apply). KinergyEX H308 is the combination of technology and design that offers drivers impressive vehicle fuel efficiency and outstanding performance.


HANKOOK KinergyEX offers 100% Warranty Claims

Program effective from 1st June 2014 - 31st August 2014. Grab your set of HANKOOK KinergyEX H308 now, visit Kegani Tyre Care Centre @ Puchong today…

TOTAL Oil Malaysia announces collaboration with Team Wing Hin Motorsports

19th May 2014
TOTAL Oil Malaysia announces collaboration with Team Wing Hin Motorsports

A leading worldwide producer of cutting-edge lubricants, Total Oil Malaysia is proud to announce their partnership with Wing Hin Motorsports today. Known for its active motorsports involvement which includes Formula One, the World Rally Championships and the DAKAR Rally, Total Oil will be the exclusive provider of lubricants to the Wing Hin Motorsports’ racing team in their upcoming races.


TOTAL Oil Malaysia announces collaboration with Team Wing Hin Motorsports

Being one of the leading racing teams in Malaysia, Wing Hin Motorsports is represented by Kenny Lee and William Ho, whom both had been bringing home multiple victories for the racing team. The racing team will be participating in a total of six races this year in Sepang which includes the Malaysian Super Series 2014 and the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race (Sepang 12-Hour).

Team KEGANI RACING in Zerotohundred Time-to-Attack Sepang Circuit Round 1 of 2014

27 April 2014
Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

Team Kegani Racing participation in recent ZTH TTA Round 1 of 2014 featured the Porsche Cayman and Nissan Fairlady Z33 has won in respective GT Cars and Super Street FR-NA Class. In the GT Cars Class, our Porsche Cayman has made an improvement in lap time, with fastest time clocked 2’31.231, on top of the list.


Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

Meanwhile, in the Super Street FR-NA Class, our entry with Nissan Z33 has secured 1st place with best time 2’35.104, driven by YS.Lim.

Both car was running on Hankook Ventus TD(Z221) on the dry track.


Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

This Mazda RX7 FD3S by Amazing Garage was also driven by Kenny. In 2013 TTA, the car performed well under damp condition but upon another test session on dry condition, it was losing front end grip at corner entry. Thereafter, a few changes been made, such as the front wheel has been upsized from 17inch 255/40-17 to 18inch with a wider Hankook Ventus TD tyres of 265/35-18 front, 285/30-18 rears remain the same. The aero packaged was also installed has further improve on both the front end grip and the outlook of a mean Time Attack machine. From the corner weighing setup done at KEGANI, the car has almost a perfect balance, with only a fine adjustment required when driver weight is added.


Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

The 1300cc rotary engine is running on 1.2 bar boost, producing 420ps, with car weight of 1,200kg. The fastest lap time clocked was 2’22.670, being the fastest Mazda RX7 FD3S @ Sepang Circuit. Looking forward to next round for further improvements.


17 April 2014
Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

Korean tyre brand HANKOOK is not unfamiliar to Malaysians, as it has been in our shores since 1997, brought in by a local distributor. Founded in 1941, the company has since grown into world's seventh biggest tyre producer, a position occupied since 2006. Over the last ten years, the company's sales have been growing on average by 13.9% annually.

Over 80% of Hankook's tyre sales are accounted for by markets outside Korea, and globally, the company's presence is sustained by four local headquarters and twenty-seven local branches throughout the world. Tyres are churned out from five manufacturing plants spread in three separate countries, and they are in turn supported by work from five R&D centres worldwide. The company currently counts Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, and several other major car makers in its portfolio of OEM clientele.


Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

Today, we are proud to inform that KEGANI Car Care Centre will be extending tyre sales and services with the Korean #1 brand, Hankook. KEGANI Car & Tyre Care Centre with our new unit(next door) @ No.27, Jalan KS3A, Persiaran Kinrara Suria will be branded as ‘HANKOOK Master’.

Hankook products ranging from Standard OE, Sports, Premium & Comfort tyres are available @ Kegani Tyre Care Centre, Puchong. We choose Hankook for its competitiveness against other premium brand such as Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, without compromising its quality. Most importantly, we find that the price of the product is highly affordable for our customers, without compromising SAFETY.


Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

KEGANI Tyre Care Centre also do provide Hankook Motorsports range, with the Ventus RS-3 , Ventus TD, semi slick and full slick tyres for competition use. HANKOOK range of Motorsports products has its strong popularity in World Time Attack Challenge(WTAC).

Looking for tyres at Puchong? Visit Kegani Tyre Care Centre today…

Kenny in MSS 2014 championship with TOYOTA 86 debut in MSS Round 1, F1 Malaysian GP Support Race

26 March 2014
Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

Into the 3rd year of participation in Malaysian Super Series(MSS), 2014 marks the debut year for TOYOTA 86 for the national championship series. Driving for team Wing Hin Motorsports, Kenny won 3rd place in both Race1 and Race2 of Round1, the support race of the recent F1 Malaysian GP 2014.


Kenny in MSS 2014 championship

Qualifying session was wet and Kenny managed to secure 3rd spot in class with best time 2’35. Race1 was also a wet race with a heavy downpour that has delayed the F1 Qualifying session, pushing the race start later by 90minutes. Race1 was dramatic with 3 retirements within 1st lap, followed by few incidents and spun out into gravel. It was worsen with lower class cars fitted with higher grip semi slicks Vs radials on the Touring Production class. The Semi slicks works very well under damp condition, causes a mix of different corner speed Vs straight-line power battle. Kenny in car #86 managed to keep it clean throughout the race, without any incidents and finished 3rd for a podium spot.


With Race1 results becomes the qualifying grid for Race2, Kenny starts at 3rd place in class. It was dry tough battles among rivals Honda with their high powered engines for Sunday race. At start, Kenny loses a few position before reaching Turn1. However, the superb handling of the Toyota 86 managed to hold on to it’s position in the south track technical section. In the first 2 laps, Damien and Tony in their DC5 respectively was fighting each other and Kenny managed to catch up right at the tail of Tony at T14, however, was outpowered by the Honda along the backstraight and all the way towards T4.


25th Jan 2014

We would like to wish all our customers and friends GONG XI FA CAI. May the year of HORSE speed up the advancement of your career, prosperity, and most importantly a good health!

Visit us today for your engine and tire care to assure your safe journey back to your home town. Do check your cooling system to prevent engine overheating, especially for long distance drive.

We will be closed from Thursday, 30th January and business resume on Friday, 7th February 2014. Enjoy your holiday, drive safe and GONG XI FA CAI from all of us @ Kegani Autotech Sdn. Bhd.


1st Jan 2014

Team KEGANI RACING successful outing in Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Round 2, 2013 @ Sepang Circuit!

30th Nov 2013
Team KEGANI RACING successful outing in Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Round 2, 2013 @ Sepang Circuit!

A perfect outing for Team Kegani Racing, with participation of 5 cars competing in the Zerotohundred TimeToAttack final round of 2013, winning in 3 categories.

Team Kegani Racing’s Porsche Cayman S won 1st place in the GT CARS category, with fastest lap time of 2’34.009. The Porsche Cayman S is fully prepped by Kegani and targeted to win in this outing. It has gone through several testing to fine tune it’s handling, corner weigh, upgrading suspension, roll bar, and selection of the brake pads to minimize the sensitivity of the ABS system. Despite the setup was more for dry condition, the driver has great driving skills and knowledge to drive in wet condition. A well deserve win for Nick, congratulations!

Wherelse, in the Super Street FR-NA category, Team Kegani Racing entry with a Nissan Fairlady Z33, driven by YS.Lim, won 3rd place, with best time 2’36, clocked at night under damp condition. The Super Street NA-FR category is very competitive filled with the high power and lightweight Honda S2000. Under the wet/damp weather condition, FR car struggles with rear end grip, but the Z33 manage to secure a satisfying 3rd place. Congratulations to Mr.Lim.


Team KEGANI RACING successful outing in Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Round 2, 2013 @ Sepang Circuit!

Team Kegani Racing also feature the late S1K race car, TOYOTA Celica ZZT231, a fully mods-up 2ZZ engine, power by Kegani, producing above 200ps on wheel, engine protected by TOTAL Quartz Racing Lubricants. The brake system also being upgraded to AP Racing 4pot caliper with 330mm 2piece disc rotor, sponsored by HOH Engineering and upsize of wheel to 17inch and using FZ201 semi slick sponsored by FEDERAL Tyres. The car was targeted to hit low 2’30, but had an issue with the rear brake. Kenny only managed to clock best time of 2’44 to grab 2nd place in the Time Attack Machine category.


Team KEGANI RACING successful outing in Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Round 2, 2013 @ Sepang Circuit!

Team KEGANI RACING successful outing in Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Round 2, 2013 @ Sepang Circuit!

In the Street FR-NA category, Kenny behind the wheel of Wing Hin’s TRD TOYOTA 86 won the class with best time 2’37, has finally crown the fastest FR-NA TOYOTA 86 street car @ Sepang Circuit, being the fastest in both session under wet track condition and later at night with a damp condition. It was another 2 seconds improvement to the TOYOTA 86 at Sepang Circuit, and finally able to place the car as the fastest Street FR-NA of Sepang Circuit.


Team KEGANI RACING successful outing in Zerotohundred TimeToAttack Round 2, 2013 @ Sepang Circuit!

“Having to put the TOYOTA 86 to win is a great achievement to me and for team Wing Hin Motorsports. We have spent valuable time in preparation towards this event and determine to be the fastest Street FR-NA. Best of all, there are still room to improve, as the was very limited time during the 2nd session as the duration was cut short and I decided not to pit in to make changes to the suspension as the car was oversteering on exit. With low visibility at night and the challenge of driving in damp condition, it was a very exciting atmosphere, with my crew updating me with my lap time and gap between the leader, the most exciting part for the crew when the fastest lap time was achieved at the last lap.” commented by Kenny.

Another category won by Kenny is the Super Street FR-TURBO, under Team Wing Hin Motorsports, features AMAZING GARAGE’s above 400ps Mazda RX-7 FD3S, with suspension setup by KEGANI. It was the first time for Kenny driving the car, and manage to clock the fastest for both sessions, with the earlier session under wet condition and and session2 under damp condition. Best time clock was 2’24, being the fastest Mazda RX7 FD3S street car@ Sepang Circuit, with car speed above 230km/h. The team is looking forward to prepare the car and targeting to be the fastest time attack car next year.

KEGANI Track Day on 16th October, 3-6pm @ Sepang Circuit!

15 Oct 2013

Would like to inform that we will be closed for half-day on 16th October 2013, Saturday. We are having a track day for our customers, friends and staffs. The session will start at 2pm with registration and briefing. We will have a classroom training session for the first timer on track. We will provide taxi ride on our race cars and experience the F1 Sepang circuit.

KEGANI open 7 days a week!

1 Oct 2013

With effective of September 2013, we are glad to inform our Tyre and Car Care services are extended to 7 days a week. Follow up on our valuable customers’ feedback; we would be extending our business on Sunday for the convenience of our customers.

Our latest promotion is an Engine Care package which includes Engine flush and Fuel system clean, followed by a treatment for engine protection. These are packaged with either TOTAL Quartz 9000 Fully synthetic or TOTAL Quartz 7000 Semi-synthetic oil. It is highly recommended for vehicle mileage of 100,000km and above, and every 40,000km or at least once in 2 years time. Good engine care would pro-longed engine life and performance.

The operating hours for Monday – Saturday is 9am ~ 7pm, and Sunday 930am ~ 5pm. Visit us today…

HANKOOK and FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres now available @ KEGANI

30 September 2013

We are glad to inform that you may purchase HANKOOK Motorsports tyres and FEDERAL Motorsports tyres @ KEGANI. HANKOOK Motorsports tyres, features the Ventus TD Z221, which is known as the world’s fastest time attack tyres and Ultra High Performance(UHP) Ventus RS-3. With the arrival of Hankook Motorsport tyres, KEGANI now provides the full range of HANKOOK products.

Meanwhile, we continue to offer FEDERAL Motorsports tyres, featuring the Semi slick FZ201 and Ultra High Performance(UHP) 595-RSR.


Based on testing of the Semi slick in KEGANI’s TOYOTA Celica ZZT231 race car, both on medium compound. Our fastest lap time clocked with FZ201 is 2”38, and 2”37 on Z221, dry weather qualifying session. However, the FEDERAL FZ201 is more durable and able to stretch its lifespan upto 450km with marginal performance drop. Though, the FZ requires a little more distance to warm up the tyres, but both tyres are consistent on lap time against its mileage. If you are chasing for lap times, the choice could be the HANKOOK Z221, but it comes with a higher price tag as compared to FEDERAL FZ201. FEDERAL FZ sizes range from 13inch – 18inch wheels only. Wherelse, HANKOOK Z221 are from 15inch ~ 20inch wheels size.


We also did a back to back test of the HANKOOK RS-3 Vs FEDERAL 595-RSR in a TOYOTA TRD Altezza race car. There is a slight variation between the sizes in which Hankook RS-3 only available in 245/40-17, while FEDERAL 595-RSR is 235/40-17. The difference in terms of lap time is pretty marginal, but the HANKOOK RS-3 offers better grip under braking and cornering, an advantage gain through its thread pattern design of 5 huge blocks of rubber across the width. However, the 595-RSR also has its strength for wet grip, thanks to its thread design pattern. Tyre wear is good on both brands as they could last for 3-4 track days or more, depending on driver and car setup. On normal road use, FEDERAL 595-RSR sizes range from 15inch – 18inch wheels only. Wherelse, HANKOOK RS-3 are from 15inch ~ 20inch wheels size.

To purchase, please contact us …

Kenny finished 3rd in Round 4 of Malaysian Super Series (MSS) 2013

16 Sept 2013
Kenny finished 3rd in Round 4 of Malaysian Super Series (MSS) 2013

Qualified and started at 7th place on the grid, Team Wing Hin Motorsport’s Super Taikyu spec TOYOTA Altezza #38 driven by Kenny finished 3rd place in the Touring production class. Qualified with best time 2”35’, 3 seconds behind the pole setter.

At start, it was a very close battle with rivals Honda Integra DC5 and Civic FD2R. Kenny was caught up in a 3-way battle fighting for 6th place. The team decided to call for an early 3minutes compulsory pitstop. The second half of the race was pretty much lock in the battle with a yellow DC5. The Altezza has a great cornering speed throughout sector 2 & 3 of Sepang Circuit, but was outpowered by the Honda at the straights.


(Last lap at the back straight, photo by Nafez)

With 4 laps before the chequered flag, Kenny was catching up from T5 and managed to get side by side at T6 with a car short distance. Kenny made the move on the inside line of T7 and overtook the DC5 under braking. However, at T9 the yellow car out-powered car #38 and overtook on the inside. The battle continues with both cars catching up close each time near the corner fighting for 3rd spot on the podium.


Kenny finished 3rd in Round 4 of Malaysian Super Series (MSS) 2013

The final action was at the last lap of the race, begins at T12 where the Wing Hin’s TRD Altezza managed to close up the gap and Kenny took a wide entry at T14, while the yellow DC5 took a tight middle line, both car exit the turn side by side with car #38 having better corner exit speed and marginally overtaking the rival throughout the straight this time. Kenny maintains in the middle of the track, limiting the track available for the opponent throughout the straight. The finale was at T15, the last turn and last lap of the race, with both cars braking into T15 with Kenny on the outside. The Integra under brake and run wide, while Kenny car #38 slided the rear and run wide but managed to recover and power up earlier towards the chequered flag to bring home a satisfying 3rd place for the team. It was the 2nd consecutive podium finished for Team Wing Hin Motorsports. Kenny moved up to 5th place with 42 points in the championship standing, with 9 points shy from the 4th place, Kesavamoorthy.

The last round of MSS 2013 calendar will be on 1st week of November. We are working to further improve the race engine in hope to improve our position on the podium. For more information about the race, visit

Kenny in Malaysia Merdeka Endurance (MME) 2013, Post race review

31 August 2013
Kenny in Malaysia Merdeka Endurance (MME) 2013

It marks the 10th years of participation for Kenny in Merdeka Millenium Endurance race. Recalling the sweet memories of MME 2003 with a TOYOTA Corolla, finishing 6th place in debut and the hardwork and learning experience throughout the years was certainly an amazing journey.

The 13th edition of MMER, features 2 units of TOYOTA TRD Factory build GT86, with Kenny behind the wheels of car #88, while Japanese Super GT drivers piloting car #86.


Kenny in Malaysia Merdeka Endurance (MME) 2013

Representing Team Wing Hin Motorsports, Kenny qualified best time 2”31.392 with a 3 seconds improvement from MME2012, on identical setup and running of stock standard engine. The TOYOTA 86 was a TRD factory build race car, equipped with safety cages, ATL Racing fuel cell, air-jacks. The brake system was branded with ENDLESS racing 4pot mono-block calipers for front and rear, and of course running on ENDLESS endurance brake pads, these brakes are amazing and able to brake as late as 60m. Both car runs on a custom exhaust system by TRD factory. Car #88 retains the TEIN racing shocks, while #86 was running KW. Both cars equipped with TRD aero kit and further enhanced with the griffon TRD fender side ganards. The sister car #86 driven by Japanese SuperGT drivers, clocked 2”29 in their qualifying with a TRD build race engine.

Car #88 starts from 13th place on the grid of 20 cars in the Touring Production class. Kenny started the race and completed the first stint smoothly but car #88 encountered problems with electronics on 2nd and 3rd stint causing an extra 7 pit-stops and lost valuable time and four position. Without giving up, the crews found the problem and able to resolve it, allowing car #88 to continue racing and make a comeback to finished at 4th place in class.

“The Toyota TRD 86 was the ultimate handling machine that I have ever race for the past 10 years. The braking and cornering speed of the car was simply amazing. The car able to provide driver with high level of confidence to constantly push and drive to the limit. The cornering speed could be match with some GT cars in a few encounters throughout the 12hours grueling race. A great experience for me and would like to thank the team and sponsors for such opportunity. I would also like to thank my friends who came to support me.”

KEGANI wishes Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

1 Aug 2013

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our muslims customers and friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. We hope that you will have a pleasant journey to your destination safely and have an enjoyable moment of family and relatives gathering.

We will be closed on Thursday, 8th August 2013 and business will resume on Monday, 12th August 2013. Do remember to drop by for a preventive maintenance check up to ensure your vehicle is safe for use. Our promotion packages still available to offer you better cost savings. Visit us today…

KENNY in coming MME 2013, featuring TOYOTA TRD 86

30 July 2013
KENNY in coming MME 2013, featuring TOYOTA TRD 86

In the 14th edition of Merdeka Millenium 12 hours Endurance (MME) race of Sepang International Circuit, Kenny will be piloting in one of the TOYOTA 86 of Team Wing Hin Motorsports. Succeeding in its debut race last year with a 3rd place last year driving by the SuperGT drivers, the team sets high target to compete for higher podium spot.

Throughout the pre-season testing, Kenny had set a faster time on the exact setup on the car since last year’s race( the best time clocked in MME2012 qualifying and race was 2’34), and aiming to break 2’30 in the coming race. Kenny will team up with Chris, the regular duo that makes up a strong line-up for the team, with 3rd driver seat to be confirmed. With just 3 weeks away from raceday, the team is working hard in preparation for testing.

This year MME will be a night start, at 12am sharp. It will be tough and hard work for the team & crews to work 36hours without sleep. We hope to have our friends and fans to be there to support and electrify us with your motorsport spirits. See you at Sepang Circuit…

We are HIRING!

18 June 2013

We are expanding and offering job/career opportunity for enthusiastic young talent, fresh graduates or those with experience in automotive industry. We are seeking candidates to fill up the following position : Assistant Mechanics, Tyre-man and Air-condition specialist.

We offer attractive remuneration based on your skills level and experience. Candidates with certification and have working experience will be an added advantage. If you are interested, please send your resume to

KEGANI Car Care Centre in promotion for Cooling system Preventive Maintenance Campaign

12 June 2013

In conjunction to the 4 Season Preventive Maintenance Campaign, we are in promotion now for the Cooling System Preventive Maintenance. It is common that most car owners unaware that the cooling system requires periodic check up and maintenance. Overheating of an engine may cause severe damages, including an engine seizure. For a brand new car, the cooling system is at its optimum performance throughout the first 2-3 years. Then, the wear and tear and rubber hoses take place. The application of radiator coolants is important to prevent corrosion in the engine.


The common causes of engine overheating are as follow, cracked top radiator cover, radiator fan motor failure, water leakage at water pump, cracked water hose, corroded water pipe, jammed thermostat. The effect of engine overheating are as follow, cylinder head gasket blown, cylinder head warp, piston seized.

An engine normally would not consume water, and so if the water level drop in the cooling system, it certainly due to a leakage somewhere in the system. However, in the case of a failed fan motor, the radiator not able to cool down itself and overheated, it would pressure up the radiator cap and release the hot water through the spare tank, thus, the water level in the radiator would drop. Our promotion for the Cooling System Preventive Maintenance includes radiator servicing and replacement of the radiator top cover if necessary, thorough check up of the radiator rubber hose that commonly prone to harden and cracks, corroded metal pipes and water jackets, jammed thermostat.

Our aim is ‘ZERO BREAKDOWN’ to our customers’ vehicle, which can be achieved by educating and reminding our customers for the care in their vehicle cooling system, simply by driving in to Kegani Car Care Centre. Prevention is better than cure.

We also offering Cost Saving package for servicing the brake system and also cash rebates. Visit us today…

TimetoAttack 2013, Round 1, TOYOTA 86 driven by KENNY LEE with best lap 2’39.539

8 June 2013

In recent round 1 of the Zerotohundred TimetoAttack @ Sepang Circuit, featuring the TOYOTA 86 of Wing Hin Motorsports with Kenny Lee behind the wheels has won the 3rd consecutive podium finish since the legendary TOYOTA 86 participated in the event.

It was a huge improvement on lap times from 2’47.475 to 2’39.539, nearly 8 seconds improvement resulted through the development by Team Wing Hin Motorsports with a great work around the brakes, handling and suspension bits by TRD. The car still retains the original engine specification but with enhancement on the intake and exhaust system. The ignition system enhanced with TM WORKS Ignite MSI, supplied by Kegani Racing. The TOYOTA 86 finished 3rd place with best time 2’39.539 in the FR-NA category, with just within 1 second deficit from class winner.

Here is a Video of Time Attack lap by Kenny Lee @ Sepang, TimetoAttack event 2013, edited by Ben Qua.

KEGANI powering up TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ with TODA Racing Light Weight Pulley & Alcon brake kit

30 May 2013
TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ with TODA Racing Light Weight Pulley

TODA Racing first performance parts line for TOYOTA 86 is here, lightweight pulley kit. Developed to give lighter and sportier engine characteristic. By reducing the overall weight (and inertia) of the pulleys, and by modifying the alternator pulley ratio to take advantage of the more sporty use, the burden on the engine is reduced helping to improve acceleration performance. A standard length belt is provided. Installing with a new belt is important to help improve the running in process of the new pulleys. Duralumin A-7075 is used as a material, and these pulleys are red anodized. To purchase, contact us today…


TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ with TODA Racing Alcon brake kit

..and for those who demands greater braking performance, the ALCON big brake kit are now available for TOYOTA 86 and Subaru BRZ. The ALCON features with a front 6pot monoblock with 365x32mm 2piece floating mount disc rotor, while rears comes with 4pot 2piece caliper with 343x25mm drum-in hats rotor. The brake kits also comes with a FERODO DS performance pads, Goodridge steel braided lines making it a complete set ready for install and use. For pricing, kindly contact us today…

KEGANI powering up TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ with Ignite MSI

7 May 2013
TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ with Ignite MSI

For the 86/BRZ fans and car owners, Kegani introduces power-up product for TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ with Ignite MSI product by TM WORKS. Ignite MSI is a multi spark generator for the ignition coil system with aims to improve combustion efficiency. At low engine revolution, it sparks 3 times, at high engine revolution, it sparks twice that would resulting an increase in engine torque. The product is environmental friendly as a result of the improve combustion.

Ignite MSI is also available for various car makes and model that runs on individual coil setup(DLi) . Contact us to check for your car model today…

KEGANI CAR CARE CENTRE Upkeeping Better Workshop Appearance For Greater Customers Comfort

13 Apr 2013
KEGANI CAR CARE CENTRE Upkeeping Better Workshop Appearance

We have recently installed a pair of motorized retractable awning that has improved our workshop appearance, in-line with the joint effort of KEGANI CAR CARE CENTRE & TOTAL Lubricants to create a better workshop environment for both our valuable customers and also our workers. We believe in maintaining a good working environment could keep our staffs at their optimum performance at all time.

With the newly installed awning, we could continue our vehicle maintenance chores without interruption, especially during recent weather climate. Our current work space also allows up to 9 vehicles repair concurrently and could keep the repair turn-around time to minimal, as part of the effort to improve our service level. Special thanks to TOTAL Lubricants. Visit us today and get a fresh TOTAL oil for your engine…

KEGANI Product Review : TM WORKS Direct Power Harness Kit

4 Apr 2013

At Kegani Car Care Centre, we are constantly looking for car care products that could help our customer to optimize their vehicle performance with every drop of fuel at affordable cost. Recently, we have imported a new product by TM WORKS Japan, the Direct Power Harness Kit.

As unaware by many car owners, there is about 0.6V ~ 0.8V voltage drop of supply to the ignition coil input voltage in the engine, resulting engine performance drop. This is due to contact resistance and aging(especially for those car above 2 years or above 20,000km) that may sometimes cause the ignition coil to fail.

TM WORKS Direct Power Harness Kit

The concept of TM WORKS Direct Power Harness Kit is to optimize ignition spark by voltage supply that close to the original performance or within 0.2V difference. These precise figures derived from the test results by TM WORKS experts.

Upon testing the product locally by a few customers of ours, including a TOYOTA Camry and TOYOTA Vellfire MPV, their feedback was very positive. There is significant improvement to acceleration and smoother drive overall. Ones could also feel the kick-down acceleration becomes more sensitive.


TM WORKS Direct Power Harness Kit

The effect upon installing TM WORKS Direct Power Harness Kit as follow :

  • minimizing voltage drop at ignition coil input
  • reduce burden of the ignition coil
  • prevent misfire at high engine revs
  • ignition power up

TM WORKS Direct Power Harness Kit is available for various car makes and models that runs on individual coil setup(DLi), TOYOTA, LEXUS, LOTUS, PERODUA, HONDA, NISSAN or Dual Coil setup vehicle such as MITSUBISHI, SUZUKI. If your vehicle model is not in the above list, feel free to enquire us.

KEGANI Car Care Centre Introducing 4 Season Preventive Maintenance Campaign

14 Mar 2013

Kegani Car Care Centre introduces 4 Season Preventive Maintenance Campaign. With aims to minimize the chance of our customers’ car break down, it only takes 4 visits throughout the year for us to carry out check-ups of specific area that was already set for each quarter of the year.

We will kick start with Brake System Maintenance Campaign for the first quarter by giving FREE Check-Up for our customers that visiting us for an engine oil change. It is very common that the brake system was not being thoroughly checked in due the parts seldom fail, but yet their performance will drop. The common symptom can be felt with poor pedal feel, pedal travel increase, premature brake pads wear, etc. Common brake squeeling will increase brake temperature at the disc rotor, effectively affect the brake pads temperature rise and may fade if temperature rise beyond the pads operating limit. Most importantly, many may not aware that the brake fluids is hygroscopic, which means the fluids can absorb moist that may cause brake fade in due air bubble trap within the system, especially when fluid temperature is high, where the heat is transferred from the brake system. As such, brake fluids should be regularly changed on every 20,000 - 30,000km or once a year. This would also prolonged the life of the master cylinder life and prevent the brake system failure.

We also offering Cost Saving package for servicing the brake system and also cash rebates. Visit us today…

KEGANI in F1 Malaysian GP 2013, Support Race, MSS 2013 Round 1

9 Mar 2013
KEGANI in F1 Malaysian GP 2013, Support Race, MSS 2013 Round 1

It has been a year since the debut race of Team Wing Hin Motorsports in MSS-2012 with a superb win during the F1 Malaysian GP Support Race 2012.

In succession of the MSS2012 debut season, finished 3rd Overall in Touring Production class, Team Wing Hin Motorsports will again be competing with the TOYOTA Altezza Super Taikyu(STK) Spec race car #38, piloted by Kenny LEE.

The season opening round of the Malaysia Super Series 2013 will fall on 22-24th March 2013, as the supporting race for Round 2 of the FIA Formula 1 2013 race @ Sepang Circuit.


KEGANI in F1 Malaysian GP 2013, Support Race, MSS 2013 Round 1

The heart of the Super Taikyu Altezza has just undergone a fresh rebuilt for next weekend, F1 Support Race, Round 1 of the Malaysian Super Series 2013 season. The race engine powered by KEGANI, built for the 2012 season had been improved with minor upgrades and more of fine tuning to match up with a 6-speed sequential transmission that was changed in mid 2012 season. With valuable information gain through 2012 season, we hope to be able to compete closer with rival teams with high powered Honda Civic FD2R and Integra DC5 this year.

Do not miss the F1 Malaysian GP support race, be there to support us and enjoy the thrill of Malaysian Touring Production series. Qualifying will be on Friday 1745pm, while Race 1 on Saturday 0930am, Race 2 on Sunday 1020am. See you @ Sepang circuit…

Kegani wishing you a Prosperous Chinese New Year of Snake

Kegani Autotech, Car Care Centre and Kegani Racing would like wish our valuable customers, suppliers and friends for a great Health and Prosperous year of 2013, Happy Chinese New Year. For those that will be travelling to your hometown, have a pleasant journey and drive safe. We will be closed from 9th February to 17th February 2013. Our business will resume on 18th February 2013, Monday. Business operation time remain as 9am – 7pm on weekdays, 9am – 630pm on weekend.

In 2013, we would increase our range of tires products for passenger vehicle. We carry multiple brands such as Continental, Michelin, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Federal,… available in all sizes(12inch to 20inch), from affordable price to premium range. With purchase of 4 pieces of tyres, we would provide FREE alignment service.

We would also be improving our general services turn-around time to serve you better, yet without compromising the integrity of our job with the aid of a job sheet’s check list. With current Engine Service Package, we provide selected car care services and products for FREE almost each time of your service internal, thus giving higher return each time you spend @ Kegani. We are promoting TOTAL Oil Engine Service Package and Major Service Package at attractive price for your engine longevity and preventive maintenance.

Visit us today…

Kegani wishing you ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year 2013

24 Dec 2012

Kegani wishing you ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year 2013

Kenny wins 1st and 2nd place in Zerotohundred TimetoAttack Finale 2012

16 Dec 2012
TOYOTA CELICA ZZT231 - 1st place in Street 2WD Turbo Class

In collaboration with Celica Club Malaysia’s(CCM), ‘Celica Monster Racing Team’ featuring 400ps 2ZZ Turbo entries to the ‘Street 2WD Turbo’ class, Kenny sets fastest time of 2”40’ in his very first time and lap in the TOYOTA Celica ZZT231 machine. With handling setup by Kegani Racing, running on Federal 595RSR tyres has placed our team 10seconds faster than other competitors, which includes Nissan 180sx, XXXXXX

Here’s the on-board video : Youtube On-Board Video


 TOYOTA 86 - 2nd in Street FR-NA Class

Wherelse, in the ‘Street FR-NA’ class, Kenny faces stronger competitions with 4 units of higher powered Honda S2000. Competing for the 2nd time in Wing Hin Motorsports TRD TOYOTA 86, the car clocked best 3”01’ under a slight drizzle in the first lap, which falls 2seconds behind one, out of the four S2000s. The engine was stock standard with only brake and suspension tuned up to further improve its handling for time attack. “It was a great privilege to drive the TOYOTA 86 under wet condition, and the performance of the car under extreme condition was extra-ordinary.”

It was the first win by Kenny for Celica Club Malaysia, in their debut in Time Attack event. Thanks to sponsor, AMSOIL Lubricants for support and CCM president, Mr.Marko Tung.

It was the 2nd win by Kenny for Team Wing Hin Motorsports with the TOYOTA 86, leaping from 3rd to 2nd place in the finale round of TimetoAttack. Thanks to the crews for the great preparation and on-day support.

Kegani Racing takes pole for Sepang 1000km 2012

8 Nov 2012
Kegani Racing in preparation for Sepang 1000km 2012

Qualified with average time 2”39’, with best time 2”37.499 clocked by Kenny Lee has led Team Kegani Racing on pole position in the Sepang 1000km 2012 edition. It was an improvement on the lap time in the car despite encountering brake bias issues and also electrical problem during the official practice session.


Kegani Racing in preparation for Sepang 1000km 2012

Race was started by Chris O’Shannessy this time around, and had a clear start ahead of 30 cars behind, including factory team such as Proton and Honda, piloted by top Japanese Super GT driver, Morio Nitta. Kenny started in his 2nd stint but had a rear left puncture at lap #8 and lost the rear brake when the line was cut by the tyres, but managed to limp back into pit for a tyre change and also replacing a spare


Kegani Racing in preparation for Sepang 1000km 2012

brake lines. Pitstop took about 6minutes and has drop car #36 down below 15th position. Kenny continued his stint and managed to unlap itself and back to 11th position before handing the car to 3rd driver, Jim Hunter, the recent MMER 1st runner up in Touring Production class. Jim is very experienced and lap consistently and deliver the car back to Chris, with a schedule pitstop at lap 79. With Chris continuing with his 2nd stint, we had the bonnet flipped at Turn 9 that caused the windscreen to shattered. In due safety, our car is forced to retire, ending our dream to regain the Sepang 1000km Overall title. The bonnet pin was clearly secured by mechanics in front of many witnesses; but yet, how the pin could come undone remain as a puzzle to us.

I would like to hereby, thank our sponsors, TOTAL Lubricants, Adaptronics, TM WORKS, WESLEE Racing and Wing Hin Motorsports for valuable support to our team, our customers, friends and Celica Club Malaysia that came to cheer and support us. Also, thanks to Kegani Racing dedicated Team Manager, mechanics, crews and friend that plays the important role to put us to the front row and also achieving fastest lap of the race. We look forward to continue excite you in our race participation fy2013.

Kegani Racing in preparation for Sepang 1000km 2012

16 Nov 2012
Kegani Racing in preparation for Sepang 1000km 2012

It marked the 10th years of KEGANI Racing in Malaysian Endurance Races, from MME to the newer Sepang1000km event. Each years of participation has given us valuable experience that increased our staff/crew knowledge, especially on safety and car reliability aspect. The annual event, it serves as a platform for us to research and develop our specialty in car handling and engine built. Our team strength lies in the ability to maximize the balance of handling and power, especially within limited budget resources ($$$), or in a simple term, less $$ but can produce faster car.


Kegani Racing in preparation for Sepang 1000km 2012

Kegani Racing has supplied Race Engines to 2 teams for the coming event and currently in preparation of our own race car, which will be piloted by Kenny, Chris O’Shannessy and 3rd driver which has yet to be confirmed. It was the 7th years for Chris in a successful team up with Kenny that resulted in multiple wins.

The Sepang 1000km race falls on 6-8th December 2012. We look forward for your support at Sepang International Circuit.

KENNY wins 3rd Overall in MSS 2012 season

1 Nov 2010
KENNY wins 3rd Overall in MSS 2012 season

The final round of MSS turns out to be a great weekend for Kenny and Team Wing Hin Motorsports with 2 podiums finish and wrap up the season with 3rd place in Overall championship standing.

The team made its MSS debut on the F1 Support Race back in March early this year with a phenomenal win of 1st and 2nd place in 2 heats over the weekend. However, the team had a tough luck throughout round 2,3 and 4 where the car suffer technical problem, especially round 4 when the car broke down with a driveshaft failure towards the last few laps of race, giving up the 3rd spot in class.

Round 5 turns out to be a wet qualifying. It was the first wet qualifying for Kenny in career, yet the balance of the car and driving experience has led the car #38 to set for a pole position, with just a fraction of seconds behind Damian Dielenberg.

However, the high powered 2nd place Honda went pass car #38 rights at the main straights after the starting line under dry condition, despite having a good start that has build up about 5 cars distance. Another two quick pace Hondas overtook within the first few laps. Kenny managed to pace and finished 3rd in the Heat1. Heat2 turns out to be a wet race, with Kenny starting at 3rd spot from the grip. Visibility was about 100m only. It was an exciting race with many cars went off gravel at a few common aqua-plan spot of the circuit. The fog built up on the windscreen makes the visibility worse. It was a trouble free weekend for the car despite the extreme condition, Kenny took the opportunity to seal up 2nd place in class in the Heat2 and seal up 3rd overall in the team debut season of the Malaysian Super Series 2012.

Words from Kenny : “I would like to thank Mr.William Loh, owner of Team Wing Hin Motorsports to give the opportunity for me to compete in the MSS. Not forgetting the dedicated mechanics and crews for their effort and passion in preparing the car, Kegani Racing’s chief mechanic for race engine built up, my supportive business partner, customers and friends, and not forgetting my beloved wife and son that always motivate me to win. I look forward to MSS 2013.”


13 Nov 2010

We will be closed on 13th November 2012 for Deepavali celebration. Our business will resume on 24th November 2012. To all our Indian customers, friends and staffs, wishing you ‘Happy Deepavali’ and have a great holiday and celebration. Drive safe…


1 Nov 2010
Ben Qua receiving the HSE Award from Ms.Ooi Lay Leng of TOTAL OIL MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd.

In recent TOTAL OIL MALAYSIA’s 2nd Anniversary Seminar and Annual Dinner, Kegani Car Care Centre awarded TOP HSE ACHIEVER out of the 150’s TOTAL Auto Lubcare nationwide. ‘HSE’ stands for Health, Safety and the Environment, assuring safety practices at workshop environment for the benefits of employer, employees and valuable customers. The value of HSE also would contribute to the environment in terms of safety method of managing waste disposal.

There will be a short video clip uploaded soon, interviewing Kenny on the HSE subject, by TOTAL OIL Malaysia, HSE team. It was a great honor to us for sharing the video among 800 participants during the Annual Dinner.


31 August 2012

Team Wing Hin Motorsports in MME-2012 edition has fielded the TOYOTA 86 and Altezza for MME 2012. Drivers line-up includes Super GT, Japanese drivers, Akira Iida, Takeshi Tsuchiya and Morio Nitta for the TOYOTA 86, while the TOYOTA Super Taikyu(STK) Altezza will be lead by Kenny LEE(MAS), Chris O’shannessy(AUS) and Rhommell(SG). For the first time, Kenny will be racing beside Super GT drivers and will be a great opportunity to witness their performance.


The race started by Kenny with fastest qualifying time of 2”27, position at 4th on the grid with an average time of 2”29’. It turns out to be a dramatic race with the car suffers an oil leak just within 2 laps that causes the car spun at T14 followed by T1. It took almost 2 hours for the mechanic to remount the seal and found out the caused of the problem. We managed to continue the race with Chris behind the wheel completing a 20laps stint, when he pitted in with a fuel surge problem.


Our race was then turn into a break-fix trials as we have lost precious time and impossible to achieve anything out of it. We continued to race with adjustment and parts changes in the fuel system, making changes one at a time. Towards the last hours, we managed to do a full stint of 20 laps to the chequered flag, 104 laps in total. The engine was still going strong and it was another successful engine, powered by Kegani.


19 August 2012

We will be closed from 19th August to 21st August. Our business will resume on 22nd August. To all our muslims customers and friends, wishing you ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ and have a great holiday and celebration. Drive safe…


16 August 2012

We are glad to give out Raya hampers to our valuable customers in conjunction with the Hari Raya ‘BALIK KAMPUNG Preventives Maintenance’ promotion. The lucky winners are :


22 July 2012

The first trophy for TOYOTA 86 in a very first time behind the wheel for Kenny. It was a great privilege to test driving the TOYOTA 86 of Wing Hin Motorsports at the Sepang International Circuit. It was only 2 days before the decision was made to test out the TOYOTA 86 capability and to find out what lap time can this car perform, and the best time and place to do it was during the Zerotohundred Time-to-Attack round 2. Thanks to Wing Hin Motorsports crew that work flat out within 2 days to put up all the TRD bits and get it running on Sunday.

For the first time, Kenny gets behind the wheels of the TOYOTA 86, in a totally wet track after a morning shower. With spending a few laps to familiarized with the car and also checking out the VSC Sport mode under wet condition was a great fun. The traction control was sensitive and would make it impossible for a spin. As the track started to dry towards noon, it was the time to push the car harder.

My first impression was the boxer engine sound, there was a little hose connected from engine to the cockpit. Despite having a TRD exhaust, the car still sounds very quiet. The engine powers up pretty smooth, with good torque at the low range, but pretty flat above 6,000rpm. Rev limiter is at 7,500rpm. The next thing I was anticipating was the handling of the car. There are a few good turns at Sepang circuit where I can test the car handling and feedback thoroughly, they are T4, T5&6, T11, T12. Into T4, braking point can be at 100m down to 2nd gear as it requires more torque to exit T4 that is slightly off camber and uphill. As approaching T5, using 4th gear for entry, I can constantly accelerate into T5 towards exit, transition from T5 to T6 was great with minimal body roll. As I hit the apex of T6, it is normally a little twitchy but the feedback on the wheel was quick and direct. Approaching T11 at 3rd gear with almost hitting rev limiter, the car has a little understeer as I trail brake into the corner, it can be improved with more front camber. Corner entry speed of T12 was at 143km/h, and the car still have very good grip towards the exit. The gear ratio was pretty close throughout.

To summarize, the car has very good steering response and feedback. Oversteer are predictable and steering correction is easy making it a very fun car to drive. The car certainly has a very good base on handling and the only development required is on the engine. The TOYOTA 86 would serve as a very good car to start with, if you are driven by handling/driver’s skill.

Fastest lap time clocked was 2’47, with VSC Sport mode and got us a 3rd spot in FR-NA-Street Class. I was unable to disable the traction control on that day, it was really my first time in the car and I have not gone through any orientation or training. Basically, I was still checking out all the buttons and functions of the car. Just a few days after the TTA, I manage to clock 2’44 with TRC OFF, on Yokohama RE-11. The benchmark was set, and I am looking forward to test out the race version of TOYOTA 86 that will be here soon for MME.

Thanks again to Team Wing Hin Motorsports for the opportunity to drive the long awaited TOYOTA 86 on track.

Ramadhan Car Service & Maintenance Promotion

15 July 2012

In preparation for the ‘Balik Kampung’ season, KEGANI CAR CARE CENTRE is having a promotion for Preventive Maintenance for your vehicle. We hope our patrons to have a pleasant ‘Balik Kampung’ journey with our vehicle check-up and preventive measures to minimize the chance of any break down, assuring the safety of your family in the car. Our preventive measure for your vehicle as follow:

1. Engine cooling system –avoid overheating, especially heavy traffic condition
2. Engine lubrication system – assure no breakdown due to low oil pressure and damaging the engine
3. Drive train system – assuring no breakdown due to drive shaft failure and transmission
4. Brake system - safety
5. Wheel alignment & balancing – safety & assuring no breakdown due to thread wear low
6. Battery and charging – to avoid alternator failure that could lead to a breakdown

Preventive measures assure a pleasant journey to your destination. At KEGANI, we care…visit us today…

KEGANI Race Car Rentals

29 June 2012

Race car rental is available for Sepang circuit track days, race event, product launches and corporate event. We provide attractive rates for individual driver or corporate events, allowing our customer to enjoy the performance of a real race car. There is a huge variation, especially in terms of handling when compared between a street modified cars Vs Kegani’s race car. The feedback from a race car is direct allowing you to react immediately to attack each corner of the challenging Sepang F1 circuit. For first timers or experience drivers who wish to trim your lap times, one-to-one driver training is available. All our race cars have race winning history through our active participation in endurance races over the years. Get a feel of the champion car. For more information, contact us today..

KENNY in Sepang Circuit’s Malaysia Merdeka Endurance (MME) 2012

20 June 2012

Team Wing Hin Motorsports #38 has confirmed Kenny for the MME-2012 drivers’ line-up. Follow up on the successful outing in MME-2011 with a podium finish, Kenny is aiming high for MME-2012 to contend for the top podium spot in Touring Production Class.

The fastest lap time of 2’26” clocked by Kenny during last year qualifying has proven the car competitiveness and its par with rival team. For third consecutive time to start the race, it was the first time that Kenny led the race with the Altezza in Touring Class in the first stint, climbing up from P6 on the grid just within the first stint. With the development on the car, the team is confident and looking forward to the event.

With the knowledge and development in race engine and fine tuning the Altezza race car over past 3 years, we are confident that the team will be competitive and we are aiming high for it. The MME-2012 edition will be held on the Merdeka Day, 31st August, from 12pm to 12am. We hope to see you there to support Kenny and the team.


3 June 2012

It was the 4th event organized by RENAULT SPORT recently, targeted to bring more fun to the RENAULT MEGANE RS250 owners at the circuit. Kenny had a great privilege to take up the seats behind the wheels of the 250horse power, 2.0L turbo charged piece of art developed by the Renault.

The handling of the cars was the magic that delivers the true performance of the vehicle when you hit it on track. You can judge this easily at some particular corners of Sepang Circuit, such as T4, T5 & T6, high speed entry of T7 and T12. The car has a very stiff chassis that was very well balanced that can easily be felt be the driver especially at Turn 5 & 6 transition. The car easily hit 190km/h at the main straight on 5th gear in it’s LSD gearbox. At high speed turn such as Turn 12, the car has just a minimal understeer that could easily be corrected with a lift of throttle or otherwise improved with a greater initial turn angle.

On the electronics, it comes with multiple choice selection of acceleration mode, ie. Snow,Linear, Sport, Extreme, and with traction control option, it is a car that suitable for all types of drivers. There is even a lap timer built in to ease your effort to monitor your lap time performance.

Kenny has driven the car on both OE Michelin tyres and also on FEDERAL RSR. Fastest time clocked by Kenny with a passenger was 2”42’, it was a second faster than the record set, resulted from the handling setup by Kegani. Having to realize that the car was all stock standard, it is definitely a good buy for both street and track use.

Kegani does provide upgrades on brakes and handling improvement for the Renault Megane RS250. Contact us today…


27 May 2012

It was the second round of MSS @ Sepang Circuit that runs alongside with a few races that includes the GT Asia Series, Lamborghini Super Tropheo one-make series and Asian Touring Car series. Kenny was again set to race the TOYOTA Altezza #38 of Team Wing Hin Motorsports, in Touring Production Class, only manage to qualified 6th in class with best time 2”37’498 on Hankook Z222 tyres.

The race was set with a new format of 1 hour enduro with a compulsory 5 minutes pitstop. It was all running smooth until the race rolling start, when Kenny had a gear problem when braking into turn 4. Despite the problem, he continued to run and manage to overtake 2 cars into turn 7, climbing up to P3 while sustaining the gearbox problem. However, when approaching Turn 12, the gear was stuck in 4th and could not be released, forcing a retirement. Post mortem has shown the gear sleeve has broken into pieces, but it was all good on the gears and synchro.

MSS Round 3 is scheduled on 13th July 2012. Be there to join the excitement and support us…


10 May 2012

We have received great feedback from our customers upon the installation of CLAWS suspension. Range from the latest Proton Inspira, Honda CRZ, Volkwagen Golf, down to Nissan Sentra N16, Toyota Celica, Corolla AE92, 101 and 111. CLAWS suspension offer a new life of height adjustable suspension, deliver a car handling package that emphasize on comfort ride followed by promising handling improvement to your vehicle. Most height adjustable suspension available in the market is …

Kegani constantly engaging manufacturer, CLAWS suspension for development in our aims to develop a suspension that suits local demand, be it from the driver or the road conditions. With high technology facilities, such as suspension dyno, CLAWS suspension is thoroughly tested for its performance before delivered to each sales centre.

List of car models available :

TOYOTA CAMRY ACV30, Celica ST20#/SS, ZZT23#/SS, Corolla AE92/101/111/SS,
HONDA CRZ, S2000, Accord SV4/08’/CL8, City, Civic EF/EG/EK,
PROTON Inspira, Satria Neo, Wira, Perdana, Gen2, Waja
NISSAN Sentra N16
VW Golf

CLAWS suspension comes with 1 year limited warranty. It is fully made in Malaysia, meaning that the suspension is also fully serviceable with accessibility of parts and component at any point of time. Suspension servicing turnaround time would be within 48 hours, at the point where suspension is removed from vehicle and collected by dispatch.

Get a set of CLAWS for your car, contact us today …


14 April 2012

KEGANI appointed by A-One Tyres to be the sole suppliers of FEDERAL MOTORSPORTS TYRES for ZeroToHundred TimeToAttack events. We are glad to announce our support to the ZTH TTA event with a special discount offer to the participants. We hope this would encourage more participants to join the event and taking this opportunity to try out FEDERAL Tyres.With a proof of entry, you may purchase either FEDERAL 595-RSR or FZ201 semi-slick tyres and burn some rubber affordably. Terms and conditions apply. The first round will be held on 20th May, while round 2 & 3 will fall on July and December respectively. For more information on tyre purchase, contact us today…


14 April 2012


KEGANI to offer special promo on FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres for RENAULT Sport Track Day. With support from FEDERAL Tyres, we are glad to extend our support to RENAULT Sport Track Day with offer of special price to the participants. Featuring the ultra high performance 595-RSR(UHP) & FZ201(semi slick) for the Renault Megane RS, R26 and also other size available for different models. Offer is exclusively for Renault Sport events. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us today…


25 March 2012

It marks a new history today where the TOYOTA Altezza #38 of Wing Hin Motorsports, driven by Kenny Lee took the chequered flag and win the Malaysian Super Series, Touring Production Class, in the support race event of the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2012. It was yet another historic moment achieved by Kenny, with the first ever TOYOTA win in Malaysian Super Series, a sprint race event, it was yet another record followed up after Sepang 1000km-2010, when Kenny has led Team KEGANI RACING’s TOYOTA Levin #36 team for a first ever TOYOTA and Endurance race win at Sepang Circuit.


It was Wing Hin Motorsports debut in MSS-2012, followed up on a success in MMER2011 with a third place podium finish. Kenny qualified 3rd with best time 2”41’ started 3rd on the grid. At the rolling start, Kenny drop 1 place down one place to 4th, but manage to catch up 2nd braking late into turn1 on the inside line, and then took the lead after the car #74 run wide. At lap number 3, car #14 driven by Perajun was catching up but Kenny manage to pace and finished the race with a maiden victory for the team, setting another history of the first ever win by TOYOTA in MSS and sprint race event.

In race 2, Kenny starts on pole but had to fight hard to defend the lead from car #14 that has a great power and straight line speed but managed to pace and maintain the gap until lap 4, when Kenny drop to 3rd place after spun at turn 1. Recovering from the spin, car #74 was catching up but managed to regain control. Kenny was 4 seconds behind the 2nd runner and managed to lap consistently to catch up and overtake car #53 in lap7, and was 5 seconds behind car #14. Kenny finished 2nd in race 2, with best time 2”37.5 on Federal 595-RSR tyres.


Kenny : “It was my second participation in MSS since the A1 GP years ago, and it was a great feel of achievement for the team and myself. It feels great to win in the F1 Support Race with top drivers and spectators around, the joy of champagne shower and a taste of the MUMM champagne was unforgettable . It is an important win for the team. I would like to thank Team Wing Hin Motorsports, William Loh for the opportunity for me to compete in MSS, thank to the crews that prepared a great car, photographer Mr.Udo Kraus and also not forgotten my wife and friends that supported me.”

MSS Round 2 is scheduled on 25th ~ 27th May 2012. Be there to join the excitement and support us…


The victory in MSS Round1 also marks another success of the 3S-GE engine, powered by KEGANI. “The 3S-GE of the Altezza SXE10 was one of the most challenging engines that took a lot of R&D time for reliability and to unleash it’s potential. Now that is it race ‘win’ proven, I am looking forward to build a competitive engine, be it for street, time attack or race use. There are still more horsepower in this engine”, said Kenny.


Kegani Autotech appointed as CLAWS Suspension distributor.

1 March 2012
Advance Suspension System

With direct support from the manufacturer, the 100% locally made product was made with high quality material targeted to deliver durable, improved street handling performance and comfort ride to your vehicle. We came across the product back in 2011 when CLAWS suspension interested to sponsor one of our race cars that won 3rd place in class. As it was race proven, it further attracts our interest when CLAWS suspension willing to work closely with Kegani to produce a best ride of suspension that fulfills consumers need.

CLAWS Suspension features the monotube inverted technology is superior to the twin tube design in ‘ride comfort, performance and maintenance, distinct itself from other suspension available in the market. It was price competitively and solely targeted to car owners that demand for sporty lowered outlook, yet comfort ride. Circuit Racing spec and custom-made suspension also available.

CLAWS Suspension is available for various car manufacturer, with latest car model application includes PROTON Inspira, Volkswagen Golf TSI MK6, Mitsubishi Lancer GT, HONDA CRZ, and SUZUKI Swift. For other car makes/model application and pricing, contact us today…

Happy New Year

17 Jan 2012

GONG XI FA CAI, Kegani Autotech would like to wish all our chinese customers, a prosperous year of dragon and happy holiday for non-chinese customers. Kegani Car Care Centre will be closed on 22nd Jan(Sunday), so do visit us for a quick oil change and a preventive check-up before you head back to your hometown.

Our business will resume on 30th January(Monday). Happy Chinese New Year 2012. Visit us today…

Happy New Year

30 Dec 2011

Greetings from Kegani Autotech. We would like to wish all our customers and friends for a great prosperous year ahead. Kegani Car Care Centre will be opened 7 DAYS A WEEK, daily from 9am to 6pm. We have started our New Year Promotion for ‘TOTAL Engine Oil Service package’, offering great discounts for our patrons. Happy New Year 2012. Visit us today…

KEGANI Car Care Centre – TOTAL Auto Lubcare Brand Shop

28 Dec 2011

24th Dec 2011 – KEGANI Car Care Centre selected as the TOTAL Auto Lubcare Brand Shop. We are proud to be selected by TOTAL OIL Malaysia as a ‘Brand Shop’ of Puchong areas. In line with our effort to improve service standard and better customer service, the ‘AutoLub Care’ shop demand high standard of Safety(HSE), service quality, presentation and shop housekeeping, that would assure customers comfort and confidence when visiting our service centre.

Kegani Car Care Centre location is convenient, jam free and easy access from Kesas Highway and Jln Puchong. The new location can be easily identified with TOTAL latest ads, F1 Team Redbull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel, after both, the team and driver crowned as 2011 Constructor and Driver Champion. Kegani is the first in the country to have the latest ads.


We provide full range of TOTAL lubricants, especially the Quartz 9000 Future formulated for the latest Peugeot cars model. TOTAL is also the recommended OE lubricants for Peugeot, Citroen, Renault that demands the latest GF-5 standard to benefit users with higher quality of Fuel Economy(FE) and fuel economy retention, engine oil robustness and protection to vehicle’s emission control system(catalytic converter).

Our service centre also provides wheel alignment and balancing services. We carry tyre brands such as Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Federal Tyres, Michelin and Sime Tyres for normal passenger car radial and SUV, upto ultra high performance tyres for street sport or track application. We emphasize on handling and safety for our customer car and we provide free suspension check-up on your visit for engine services or wheel alignment/balancing job. Visit us today…

TEAM KEGANI RACING Clocked Fastest Lap time in S1K-2011 and finished second

23 Dec 2011

The 3rd edition of Sepang1000km race has been a great test of Team Kegani Racing spirit of competition, being challenged by 21 cars in the 1.6 Class that pressures SIC,the organizer to imposed a handicap weight ballast of 250kg into our TOYOTA Celica race car, with such decision being made just 6 days(meeting on Sunday) before the race. With sponsors, customers and friends support, we’ve fought through the odds when our team advisor, Mr.Frank O’Shannessy addressed one of the articles(art.60 pg.19) stated in the Automobile Association of Malaysia rules (AAM), under the FIA Competition Rules and in agreement of the Clerk of Course to accept our entry and the other Celica entrants without condition on Wednesday evening.


At lap 16, Kenny felt the car was down on power at corner exit and suspect that it was a fuel related problem, and radio our race engineer for a pitstop. As soon as refueling completed and informed on the amount of capacity refueled, we realized that the fuel consumption was high. A few checks was done during the 2nd stint by Chris O’Shannessy but by lap 32, the car was dry of fuel again.

With support by Adaptronics(Engine Management system), Mr.Andy Wyatt, we had a quick discussion and possible fuel trim to be done on the fuel map, an editted fuel map was then loaded into the ECU. Despite changes been done for few times, the fuel consumption remains the same. Through the short stints and time took for refueling, we have lost time and lost the race lead.

Despite the issue, we have work around our strategy to continue push our lap time as the race was still less than half of the 1000km.


At the pitstop after lap 94, we had a broken oil cooler and took us 20minutes to remove the cooler system. Kenny rejoined the race and drives conservatively to preserve the engine in fear of extreme engine oil temperature that could damage the engine. With a few moments that we had to pitstop with an empty fuel tank, Chris brought the car to the chequered flag and Team Kegani Racing finished the race at 2nd place in class. We were 11th place overall.


Thanks to the extra-ordinary engine oil performance of TOTAL Quartz RACING, we finished the remaining half of 1000km distance without an oil cooler, which is an extra-ordinary experience for us through many years of endurance racing. The hot oil temperature in the engine would normally get upto 140°C.

As soon as we pitted for refuel in the first stint, we realized that the protest by Class 2 competitors has took away 3 crucial(Monday-Wednesday) testing days from our team, where fuel predictions supposed to take place.

Team Kegani Racing clocked the fastest qualifying time of 2”39.605 and started the race at front row of the grid ahead of 28 cars. We finished the enduring 1000km race, despite encounter numerous obstacles before, during and after race, highly committed to maximize sponsors exposures. Our team 2nd driver Chris O’Shannessy set the 2011 Sepang 1000km lap record in the race with a 2.39.531 clearly showing we were the fastest car on the circuit by well over 3 seconds per lap and demonstrating the ability we have as a team and the strength in driver line up of Team Kegani Racing has achieved. Our race car was one of the best looking race car and had caught attention of many photographers, our team always being the outstanding TOYOTA runners of all time.

I would like to extend my appreciation to all my sponsors, partners and friends that supported Team Kegani Racing in Sepang1000km race event. It was such supports that kept our spirit of competitions alive. We hope the exposures generated by our team have already benefitting your brand with good exposures and raising sales figure, and most importantly, gain customers confidence.

Thank you and we will bring on our challenge for S1K-2012.

Team KEGANI RACING Co-Sponsor : TOTAL Oil Malaysia
Product sponsors : ADAPTRONICS
WORKS Engineering
Team Manager : Lee Wee Tiong
Team Advisor : Frank O’Shannessy

Malaysia Millenium Endurance Race

17 - Sep - 2011
Malaysia Millenium Endurance Race

17th September 2011, Malaysia Millenium Endurance Race – Kenny LEE clocked best time 2’26.468 in Qualifying and led the team to the first podium finished, 3rd place in Touring Production Class.

Team Wing Hin Motorsports, featured the TOYOTA Altezza Super Taikyu specs, in its second attempt in MMER, was the only TOYOTA in the field that has made it through the enduring 12hours race. Qualified 6th in class, the team slowly progress forward and stood a strong 3rd position in class since first half of the race and comfortable secure the 3rd place despite a few hiccups encountered in the 2nd half of the battle.

It marked the first podium for TOYOTA in MMER, and the first win for Wing Hin Motorsports. In appreciation, would like to thank you Wing Hin Motorsports for the opportunity to race in MMER, also special thanks for the support from TRD Japan, the team valuable and supportive sponsors, Kegani Motorsports and all brilliant mechanics and crews that has perform the best teamwork to bring it home.

KEGANI Car Care Centre – New Branch is Now Open!

18 - Aug - 2011
KEGANI Car Care Centre – New Branch is Now Open!

We are proud to inform that our new branch is now open. KEGANI Car Care Centre address at No.1, Jalan KS3A, Persiaran Kinrara Suria, Taman Kinrara Sek.3, 47100 Puchong, Selangor. With aims towards one-stop car care for our customers, we have invested for new tyres and alignment facilities at our new brand. Our team of mechanics & assistants are set to continuously deliver our services, driven by SAFETY, INTEGRITY and SPEED. Good and reasonable price are also guaranteed.


KEGANI Car Care Centre – New Branch is Now Open!

Wherelse, KEGANI AUTOTECH, main remain its operation as usual to serve our existing customers need for performance and sports driving pleasure.


KEGANI Car Care Centre – New Branch is Now Open!

Our new branch current offer new opening promotion, collect a Free gift from us on your engine oil change. Visit us today.

Kenny LEE in MME2011 with Team Wing Hin Motorsports #38

18 - Aug - 2011
Kenny LEE in MME2011 with Team Wing Hin Motorsports #38

With 3rd consecutive years signed as the driver for Team Wing Hin Motorsports #38, Kenny is aiming high for MME2011 outing with a better develop race team of drivers, cars and engines. Follow up on MME2010, racing the Japan’s TRD factory TOYOTA Altezza, Super Taikyu specs car, under Touring Production Class, has been a great deal of experience. The TRD factory built Altezza, was basically a technology transfer of the open wheelers formula car, brought into the TOYOTA Altezza, from the roll cage down to the suspension bits, engine internals strengthen and lighten. In depth understanding is required to fully make use of technologies in order to be able to perform to its maximum potential.


Kenny LEE in MME2011 with Team Wing Hin Motorsports #38

The interesting part for us in MME2011 is the race engine is powered by Kegani. With years of experience in competitive race engine build and valuable information gain from engine built for MME2010, we are proud and confident to supply a reliable and durable race engine for the team. The team has clearly the weakness in past race and we are working closely together to fix the problem. With rich resources from Wing Hin and Kenny’s experience in race engine built up, we are confident to bring it home, podium finish will be promising. It is also interesting where MME regulations allowed for sequential transmission and also the use of racing fuel.

Team Wing Hin Motorsports drivers, will be headed by Kenny LEE and Chris O’Shannessy, with 3rd driver to be confirming very soon. The team has also appointed KEGANI Motorsports for pitcrew services, assuring safety, accuracy and speed on pitworks. Be with us to the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance(MME) 2011 happening on 15-17 September 2011.

Ramadhan Service Free Gift

11 - Aug - 2011
Ramadhan Service Free Gif

11th August – Merdeka Raya promotion. KEGANI offering a special FREE gift to our customers on each purchase of engine oil change package(Terms and conditions apply). To assure your safety drive journey to your hometown, we provide 24points check to your vehicle, assuring your vehicle on its optimum condition for an uninterrupted drive. We will provide you with a best package to suit your expense budget while performing the preventive maintenance for your vehicle. Best reasonable price guaranteed. Visit us today. We are open Monday – Saturday, from 930am and closed sharp at 6pm during this holy Ramadhan month.…visit us @ 03-80757411.

Team Kegani Racing - HPC MAM 4hrs Endurance Race promotional video

12 - Jul - 2011

Team Kegani Racing - HPC MAM 4hrs Endurance Race promotional video

Post Race Report

17 - Jun - 2011
Post Race Report

12th June 2011 – Team KEGANI RACING finished strong with 1st and 3rd place on podium under IPC(1600cc) of the first ever HPC MAM 4hrs Endurance race. Car #36 driven by Kenny LEE and Julian Ng took the pole position with fastest lap time of 2”37’ clocked by Kenny Lee, booking the 4th spot on the grid behind 3 higher capacity classes car.

Kenny start the race as 1st driver and gives strong competition to the two 1.8litres front runners and changing lead position during the first stint and build up a comfortable gap ahead of the 1.6 litres car behind, in hope to avoid further damage to the broken exhaust. The competition was less intense when few main competitors encountered mechanical issues by the end of first stint. However, there was a moment of thrill when the car runs out of brakes and made an emergency pitstop for a pads change. Kegani Motorsports crews did a great job and only took 4 minutes to complete the whole pitstops and it was a huge relief when we rejoin the race with still a lap ahead of the 2nd place car.


Post Race Report

Car #38, driven by Harry and CB Lim made a strong and consistent pace to finish their debut race with a rewarding podium spot, 3rd place. The Corolla SEG was still running strong after years of racing despite having a slight gearbox synchro damages but manage to cruise pass the chequered flag.

We would like to thanks all our supporting sponsors, disregards of the order, ULTRA RACING, AMSOIL Lubricants, FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres, REVO Friction Reducer, FORGED RACING radiators, WORKS Engineering, ADAPTRONICS Engine Management, 14point7 wideband and TM WORKS empowering our team with exceptional products and support to win the race.


27 - May - 2011

Thursday, 26th May 2011 – KEGANI AUTOTECH supplies FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres, the 595RSR to the LOTUS SuperCup race happening this weekend in conjunction with the Asian Festival Of Speed(AFOS) @ Sepang International Circuit.

The LOTUS Exige S was upgraded and complied to the SRO GT4 specification, with power upto 230ps on wheels and further weight reduction with carbon fibre aero parts with a low 3.5 power to weight ratio, has selected to use the 595-RSR tyres.



Join us @ Sepang Circuit this weekend for more action, including the GT3 Asia series and ATCS.

For any tyres requirement for special events/track days, please contact us today.


20 - May - 2011

WESLEE RACING Crank Pulley for MITSUBISHI Lancer GT is now available. Weighing 1.1kg, it was about 60% lighter than standard pulley.

Light weight crank pulley improve engine response by reducing the weight attached to the crankshaft, thus require less effort for crank to rotate. As the matter affect, you will gain extra mileage with the upgrades, thus cost savings for long term use.

WESLEE Racing Crank Pulley is also available for Proton Gen2, Persona, Waja, Satria Neo.

KEGANI AUTOTECH is the Sole Distributor of KIDO Racing Products, Malaysia

11 - Apr - 2011
KIDO Racing

Thursday, 11th April 2011 – KEGANI AUTOTECH is the Sole Distributor of KIDO Racing Products, Malaysia.

KIDO Racing, Taiwan has appointed has appointed Kegani Autotech to be the sole distributors for Malaysia.

KIDO Racing brake kit

Established in May 1998, Kido is a manufacturer and supplier of high performance products for the sport compact scene. Quality, research, innovation and safety are the four principal that Kido research and development team follows.

KIDO Racing has also engaged Team KEGANI Racing to test and develop its product in the circuit, assuring continuous improvement to our customers. Through our motorsports program, we have developed a complete line of high performance products for the sport compact scene with highest quality and reasonable prices.

KIDO Racing Suspension

KEGANI believes the closer engagement of product principal would benefits our customers with products at its best over time through continuous testing and development between manufacturer and us.

KIDO Racing brake kit and suspension kit is available for Asian and Continental cars, and best of all, also available for PROTON models. For brake kit model that is not available, we can provide customization.

For more information and pricing, please contact us today. Dealer enquiries are welcome.

Kia Carnival / Naza Ria engine problem / overheating

08 - Apr - 2011

Kia Carnival / Naza Ria engine problem / overheating

I have heard that the Kia Carnival / Naza Ria engine has a common overheating problem. I have recently rebuilt one of these engines and had a chance to have a closer look to the engine internally and understand the engine from design view point.


The KIA engine has a unique liner which is loosely sits in the cylinder block. When the engine is manually turned, the liner will actually pops out. By standard, such liner would require to be pumped into the cylinder block. It is high precision and when liner is fitted in, it stood pretty strong inside. A loose liner would means a fine gap between the block and liner, that is also where the oil and water supposed to be isolated.

It is known that the engine exceeds 100,000km mileage above, will likely be experiencing such problem. A smart customer visited us and initiated a preventive measure to counter this problem from arise.

Solution to this problem actually lies in a custom cylinder liner. A special grooved liner installed with a ring to isolate engine oil from water at the upper half of the cylinder block.

It also also common where one of the water pipe build in at the back of the engine get rusty and leaks. The tube must be replaced with a copper tube for prevention, illustrated by the photo below.


Upon reassembly and reinstalling of the engine into the car, we have added a temperature gauge to monitor the engine and discover an interesting behavior of the engine…. end of part 1.

To find out more about your KIA Carnival, a.k.a NAZA Ria and also preventive maintenance for your vehicle, please contact us today.

KEGANI AUTOTECH is the Authorised Dealer for FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres

31 - Mar - 2011
FEDERAL Motorsports

Thursday, 31st March 2011 – KEGANI AUTOTECH is the Authorised Dealer for FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres.

A-One Tyres Sdn Bhd, sole distributor of FEDERAL Tyres has appointed Kegani Autotech, one of the exclusive dealer for FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres.

FEDERAL Tyres has made its debut in Sepang1000km 2010 Endurance race and also actively participated in drift scene, including last Formula D and also recent FX Open Drift competition.

Followed up with our team, KEGANI Racing crowning the Sepang 1000km 2010 Overall and Class title with Federal Tyres. The experience of the tyre performance is great and something that we would like to share.

In our goals to continuously provide quality products to our valuable customers, we are glad to secure the dealership with FEDERAL Tyres and bring the product closer to our customer that demands high street performance or trackies.

FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres

For more information and pricing, please contact us today.

New Release, TM Works products for Proton Campro, Satria Neo, Persona, Gen2

17 - Feb - 2011

Thursday, 17th February 2011 - NEW RELEASE, TM WORKS products for PROTON CAMPRO, Satria Neo, Persona, Gen2.

NEW RELEASE, TM WORKS products for PROTON CAMPRO, Satria Neo, Persona, Gen2. NEW RELEASE, TM WORKS products for PROTON CAMPRO, Satria Neo, Persona, Gen2.

Ignite REV
Direct ignition engine tends to generate weak ignition spark due to the limitation of the installed ignition coil.
By installing Ignite REV or Inside Ignite REV ,the ignition spark is improved tens times.
Ignite REV is patented in Japan and USA.

NEW RELEASE, TM WORKS products for PROTON CAMPRO, Satria Neo, Persona, Gen2. NEW RELEASE, TM WORKS products for PROTON CAMPRO, Satria Neo, Persona, Gen2.

Excellent combustion efficiency is achieved by clarifying 1 single spark time!!

The spark time is increased 1.8times comparison with stock ignition coil and the coil demand voltage is steady with 25kv.
Ignite rev hence produce greater mid-range power and response to your CAMPRO engines.

For more information, please contact us.

Happy Chinese New Year

01 - Feb -2010
Happy Chinese New Year

"KEGANI AUTOTECH would like to wish all our Chinese customers and friends a great prosperous year ahead, Gong Xi Fa Cai. We will be closed from 2nd February 2011, Wednesday and business will resume on 10th February 2011, Thursday." Have a safety driving journey back to your home town and we look forward to see you again after the holiday break. Gong xi gong xi.

A full post-race review by Team Ultra Racing Kegani

26 - Jan -2010

A full post-race review by Team Ultra Racing Kegani S1K Experience 2010.

25 January 2011, By Sepang International Circuit

Mission Completed

The minute they held their trophy, Team Ultra Racing Kegani #36 knew they had created a moment in history when they won the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race in their Toyota.

It was a long journey for the team, as they had put in extra effort in their preparations for the race after witnessing last year’s extreme disappointment. Thus, instead of dwelling on their disappointing performance last year, the team had turned it into a motivation point, making them hunger even more for victory.

read more

Congratulations to FORGED RACING MALAYSIA OPENING, 22 Jan 2011.

26 - Jan -2010
KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race

FORGED Racing Radiators Malaysia Grand Opening last Saturday. Located at the PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway. Kenny was honoured to be invited as the special guest, one of the only 2 motorsports drivers, The newly open showroom will be the service center for Malaysian market.

KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race

FORGED Racing has sponsored our team towards victory in Sepang 1000km Endurance race. Our champion race car also made its appearance during the front of the busy PJS11/7 main street, gained many passerby attention. Another drift car was also on displayed, a monster 2JZ-GTE in a NISSAN 180SX, owned by 'Fai'.

For more information about FORGED Racing, visit

Team Ultra Racing Kegani won S1K-2010

04 - Jan -2010

Ultra Racing Won Sepang 1000KM Race (2010)

Action packed Video of S1K-2010

04 - Jan -2010 - 2010 Sepang 1000km

MME-2010 Qualifying lap by Kenny Lee

04 - Jan -2010

On Board Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race MMER Qualifying at Sepang (SIC) Malaysia - Kenny Lee

Jan 2011, open 7days a week!

03 Jan 2010


For the first month of 2011, January, we will open 7 days a week, operating on Sunday from 9am to 4pm. We hope to be able to deliver extra hours to our customers for general services and preventive maintenance, to suit those who only available on their off-day, Sunday, in preparation for Chinese New Year break, especially those that will be travelling back to their home town.

For enquiries, please call 03-8075 7411.

Driving Simulator at KEGANI

13 Dec 2010
Driving Simulator at KEGANI

13th Dec 2010, Monday – Driving Simulator at KEGANI. Customers can now experience racing in Sepang circuit, drifting like Initial D and street racing with our driving simulator. We have installed a latest PS3 with the Logitech G27 for customers can enjoy the driving simulator while servicing your car at Kegani Autotech. Be entertain with the realistic with the 6speed shifters, pedal box with clutch and most interestingly the steering wheel that gives feedback of vibration and centering force. Towards making our workshop a better place not only for your car, but you and your family. Visit us today…

KL International Motor Show (KLIMS).

12 Dec 2010
KL International Motor Show (KLIMS).

12th Dec 2010, Sunday – KL International Motor Show (KLIMS). Kenny visiting ULTRA RACING booth at recent KLIMS, was just on the right day for a photoshoot with a Ultra Racing’s model. Kenny also visited the latest lubricants brand that penetrating local market, AMSOIL, that claims as the first is synthetic lubricants, also AMICI booth, distributor of PHILIPS and DYNO Silicon wipers, our past years sponsor of Team Ultra Racing Kegani.

HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

10 Dec 2010
HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

10th Dec 2010, Kegani Racing – Gearing up for HPC 4hours Endurance race. 11th Dec 2010 suppose to mark the last race for Kegani’s TOYOTA Levin followed up on SIC new regulations enforce car manufactured 2006 and above to be eligible for race. However, the organizer has postponed the race event to June 2011, follow up on unsettled issues with race sanctioning authority. Hence, our champion car has yet to meet its end of racing life this year.

Having a shorter distance race compared to 1000km race is going to be very interesting as you will be expecting to see more side to side competition with rivalry, Honda VTEC at the front group.

HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

We are set to perform another strong competition for HONDAs to beat.

In preparation for the race, our race engine has been rebuilt with several changes has been done to further improve engine torque to achieve better corner exit power. To conform to HPC race regulations, the first pain would be to run the car at 1100kg, to be under same weight handicap with variable cams engine(VTEC). To take advantage over the compulsory add-on weight, the car is dress up with a pair of production side skirt and factory TRD rear spoiler to add up about 10kg weight while improving the handling with some down force at the rear. A big ballast of 70kg has been added into the car to make up 1100kg.

HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

On driver line up, Kenny will be pairing with HPC Chief Instructor, Julian Ng, a regular karter, that has also made his debut in S1K-2010 recently.

Following up on recent S1K success, we are glad for the continuous support from Ultra Racing, TORCO Racing Lubricants, FORGED Racing Radiators, Adaptronic Engine Management, Brake Distributor Australia(BDA) for sponsorship of brilliant products.

HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

Also, 14point7, lambda controller, offers real time air fuel reading with big digital display for ease of engine management tuning task. Visit


HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

WORKS Engineering, a premium brand, offering wide range of racing performance products has also sponsored our team. Visit

HPC 4 Hours Endurance Race

We also welcome our new sponsors, REVO Oil, a highly concentrated Advance Engine Treatment & Friction Reducer, a proven effective and efficient product. Visit

Bookmark our homepage for more updates on our practice session and progress.

TOYOTA / LOTUS 2ZZ Power Up Plan

10 Dec 2010
TOYOTA / LOTUS 2ZZ Power Up Plan
TOYOTA / LOTUS 2ZZ Power Up Plan
TOYOTA / LOTUS 2ZZ Power Up Plan

Kegani Autotech unleash the real power of 2ZZ engine with Stage II upgrade, 180ps power package. Mid range power band significantly improved especially upon VVL point kicks in.

TOYOTA / LOTUS 2ZZ Power Up Plan

WESLEE RACING Crank Pulley for GTR R34 is now available

20 Sep 2010
WESLEE RACING Crank Pulley for GTR R34

WESLEE RACING Crank Pulley for GTR R34 is now available. Weighing 1.9kg, it was about 60% lighter than standard pulley.

WESLEE Racing Pulley kit is now available for TOYOTA 1JZ.

Complete line up for crank, alternator, water pump and power steering pump. However, there are variation between different batch, marked by J1 or J4, VVT-i or non-VVTi. Crank pulley weigh 1kg compared to the standard 4kg. Oversize alternator pulley and water pump pulley will soon be available.

SEPANG - Merdeka Millenium Endurance 2010

8 Aug 2010
Team Ultra Racing Kegani finished 7th in the Touring Production class

SEPANG – Merdeka Millenium Endurance 2010, Team Ultra Racing Kegani finished 7th in the Touring Production class.

The TOYOTA 3SG BEAMS, Dual VVT-I 2.0litres race engine supplied by Kegani, yet proven its reliability in another 12 hours endurance test. The race engine produce 245hp, making it a competitive engine to race against rivalry Honda.

Car #36 is the leader out of the 2 cars that finished the race, out of 4 TOYOTA Altezzas entries.

TOYOTA Altezza was build locally by Kegani, fully converting from street to race setup and able to compete with Japanese’s cup cars and STK cars.

KENNY to be the first driver for Team Wing Hin Motorsports

6 Aug 2010
KENNY to be the first driver for Team Wing Hin Motorsports

SEPANG, Merdeka Millenium Endurance 2010 – Kenny to be the first driver for Team Wing Hin Motorsports. The fresh imported TOYOTA Altezza was previously owned by TRD Factory, Japan, competed and won many races in Japan, including the Super Taikyu race (STK) and Altezza Cup since 2003.

It was a complete works car with many racing technologies applied into the car, from handling to the engine, that uses formula cars cooling systems and clutch system. The car is also equipped with pedal box setup, balance bar for brake bias adjustment and proportioning valve for optimum brake performance adjustment.

Kenny has set 2”35’ in the first shakedown

Adjustable anti roll bar and all round rose joints. The engine is managed by Motec engine management system with a Motec Dash meter ease driver to monitor engine temperatures and other data.

In the initial testing back in January, Kenny has set 2”35’ in the first shakedown, familiarizing with all the gadgets and getting used to the cars handling and braking.

The car qualified 7th on the grid with Kenny behind the wheel as first driver to the midnight race.

Kenny has set 2”29’ in qualifying and clock fastest 2”30’ during race despite having a slight braking problem.

"I think the car is a potential 2”25’ cars that can content for the Touring Production title. There are a few things that I have identified that can possibly trim down the lap times", said Kenny.

The car suffered a mechanical failure about 7am and did not finish the race. Despite disappointment, it was a great experience of racing the TRD factory multiple championship winning machine.

KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race

5 Jun 2010
KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race

KEGANI AUTOTECH wins Overall Sepang1000km 2010 Race. The date marks a historic maiden win for a TOYOTA at Sepang International Circuit in its history.

Starting further back at 4th row on the grid, unlike S1K 2009, car #36 driven by Kenny slowly climbs up to the top of the chart and finished the race in style with a lap ahead of 2nd winner, and 3laps ahead of Class 1 winner. Competing in the same TOYOTA Levin AE111 that led 90% of S1K-09 race until a mechanical failure, this year, everything went perfect to Kenny.

"It was a great win to celebrate with all my crews, friends and TOYOTA supporters. It takes so much effort and determination to achieve this and I must say without any of them, this will not be possible. For me, it was certainly the greatest satisfaction as I build, prepare, test, and race my own race car. It was such an important achievement for myself to assure what I did in the past is all moving towards a right path and giving me greater confident to move forward. I must thank all my valuable sponsors for the continuous support."