We provide engine performance power-up packages that suit your needs. These packages provide you with a progression on your engine modification, allowing you to spend towards your goal.

  • The Basics : Upgrade of Emission system, Ignition system, Fuelling system and intake system
  • Getting serious : Cylinder head port and polish, top overhaul, uprated valve spring. (Installation of valve springs facilitate future upgrade of camshaft, where cylinder head need not to be removed for another round of valve spring installation.)
  • High Profile Camshaft and adjustable cam pulleys can be upgraded as sub-stage, in case budget was not sufficient.
  • Mean machine - Engine base full balance, High Compression Pistons, Lightweight flywheel and clutch kit.

Be it NA-tune or Turbo-tune, stage2 upgrades is independent for either application. you can decide at this stage. Always balance your engine upgrade with an equal treat for handling and braking. Powerful car can only move straight line.